Monday, May 16, 2016

Plans written in sand

Yes, I know, it's Monday, May 16th. "The art of travel is to be able to deviate from one's plans," a quote from the movie, The Art of Travel plays in my head. I sit here, still at home, having taken care of mortar and brick (home) concerns and making sure that the truck and trailer are ready for
my long, upcoming journey before me. I had the windshield replaced since the crack received back in December stubbornly continued to spread and change directions impeding the driver's (my) view. I went out last week, and the truck's alarm system worked fine, but the next day my truck battery was dead! Ugh! Well, the battery is probably good, but I didn't want to take a chance so I replaced the battery. I had my wonderful mechanic of 35 years inspect the trailer bearings and repack with fresh grease. He needed new seals which could not be obtained until this morning. Now the brake controller stubbornly will not calibrate. 

I recently joined a writing group in El Paso called 'The Tumblewords Project' which Saturday's prompts lead me to explore the many cliffs I have jumped off both for life decisions and that of careers. But included in this cliff jumping is that of travel. Throughout my life, I have planned vacations, business trips of selling primitive furniture piled high on the truck which involved helping load and unload some very heavy pieces, bicycle tours crisscrossing the United States over the years and even once in Europe, and now this luxurious way of travel of having a truck pull my little Casita behind me. 
I'm anxious to get this new ontological study on the road, but have to remind myself that sitting patiently while everything falls into place is just as much research as rolling down the road. 

I like that my plans are written in sand. Too many times have I had hard-fast plans and became frustrated and exhausted trying to make it to the deadline. Retirement and traveling should be relaxing. I'm the one setting the time deadlines which means I can change it and no one is going to scold me for not being punctual.

When I set out the plan to arrive at Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, I generally plan my mileage goals to be 250 miles a day. These seemingly low mileage days helps me get there, set up, and enjoy the afternoon at my new location. It also helps if things go wrong, like the above delays. I can always step up the mileage to 350 miles a days and can push an occasional 450 miles.

I want to leave home into the unknown and own the experience of living through the adventure. Having my plans written in sand and taking on new form makes it exhilarating.

The trailer and truck are ready! Going to pack!!!

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