Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Travel destination and projects

This will be my 3rd Casita/Fiberglass trailer rally this year: Eggs at Egg Harbor starting on June 8th and going through the weekend. I made my reservation back on February 9th while at The Quartzsite Fiberglass rally. I'm not only getting closer to the date but to the ultimate destination. I thought, 'Why go that distance and
not visit people on the way?' So I started out a week ago to do just that and have visited family in Ft. Collins, CO and in Rapid City, SD. My next stop is in Livonia, Michigan, just outside Detroit where I will again visit family. Here I will sit for about a week before heading back around Lake Michigan and north to Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

Travel definitely changes when I have a destination within a time frame. I drew up a log , working backwards, of where I have to be and by when. That's why I got a little tight when I was getting out a couple of days late. But, I'm right on schedule, in fact, I should arrive a four days ahead of schedule where I can sit back, visit, have fun, and relax!!!

But it occurred to me that it would be nice to try a different type of trip sometime, one that would revolve around a 'project.' For example, I like to take pictures of windmills and barns (in all types of states of condition: old, dilapidated, new, etc.). I would like to take a trip, I know it will be slow, around the country and take pictures of these things without having a destination in mind. That way, I could just stop whenever I wanted and shoot away. This seed of a plan has now been planted, now I just have to water it. In the meantime, you'll have to be satisfied with my drive-by photo shots.

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