Friday, May 6, 2016

Blink! She's gone again!

I'm dusting off the Casita, Tara. Yes, literally, I'm dusting her off after the spring dust and sandstorms swirled around erasing the tracks of my placing her at home. She wants to leave. I want to leave. The dogs want to leave. So leave we will. The arbitrary date is set for
May 14th. The destination is Wisconsin for Eggs at Egg Harbor Rally. You see, many people refer to fiberglass trailers like mine as eggs. So this is a fiberglass rally that my friend, Imo, told me about. I'm excited because I'll get to see some of the people I met at Quartzsite again! As one of my Facebook friends said in reference to my traveling, "Blink! She's gone again!"

I did take a short trip to California to visit some friends and I did (read the next part with a whisper) not take Tara. How traitorous of me! I knew from past experience that camping spots near who I was visiting was nil so I just packed up the Caravan and left. I did not lose my camping desire, however. I took my tent. Because how else can you travel so cheaply and I actually feel safer than if I was staying behind a locked door of a motel room. Plus, I know who made and slept in my bed, in this case, sleeping bag.

Next week, I'll have Tara's bearings cleaned, inspected, and repacked with grease. I expect to travel more than 5,000 miles this trip. Stay tuned!

Each trip I take, I am stronger and walk taller. "Life is good," I say aloud, "Life is good!"

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